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Time to lighten up!

Because we have subconscious programs running for every aspect of life, hypnotherapy can help with a wide variety of issues including weight loss, quitting sugar, alcohol, smoking and other addictions, changing bad habits like nail biting, releasing phobias, anxiety and depression, building self-esteem and confidence, releasing fear of public speaking, improving your relationship with money and supporting business success.

Here are a few areas that I specialise in, which respond really well to hypnosis:



Are you battling to get to sleep or to get enough sleep?

If so, you are not alone as research shows around a third of adults report some form of sleep issue which may be impacting their mental and physical health, but most definitely, their quality of life. 

Common sleep struggles include:

  • Not being able to fall asleep even when exhausted

  • Waking up frequently

  • Trouble getting back to sleep once awake

  • Waking up too early

  • Restless sleep, which leaves you feeling like you haven’t slept at all

  • Relying on alcohol or sleeping pills to fall asleep

From personal experience, I know how insomnia can make day-to-day life a challenge and the negative impact it can have on work, family relationships and our social life.  In fact, I got to the stage where I couldn’t sleep for worrying about not sleeping!

General effects of not getting enough sleep include:

  • Poor memory, reduced attention span and slowed thinking

  • Risky decision making

  • Lack of energy and motivation

  • Mood changes including feelings of stress, anxiety, and irritability

  • Lack of libido

  • Weight gain

  • Weakened immunity making us more susceptible to colds and viruses

If you long to improve your sleep patterns, crave more energy and want to feel lighter and brighter, hypnotherapy could be the perfect solution for you.

How my Hypnotherapy Sleep Package could help you:


Firstly, we will undertake an in-depth consultation to establish your goals, review your sleep hygiene and habits and understand the negative impact insomnia has on your well-being. Following our discussion, I will customize a hypnotherapy programme to address your specific needs which will comprise:


  • Personalised hypnotherapy sessions to help you relax and programme your subconscious mind to welcome sleep 

  • A sleep recording to calm your body and mind and guide you to sleep

  • Relaxation tools and techniques you can call upon whenever the need arises

  • A sleep diary for you to record your progress


By working together, I am confident we can identify and, more importantly, correct your personal cause of insomnia; leaving you to wake each day feeling supercharged, refreshed and energised.

Don’t delay. Book your free 20-minute discovery call now!

Banish sleepless nights and wake feeling refreshed and energised


Weight Loss

Have you tried almost every diet going and feel frustrated and defeated by repeated setbacks?

Despite the initial motivation that comes with a new diet or exercise programme, old habits and temptations soon creep back in. Counting steps and calories, along with obsessing about the number on the scales, can be exhausting and counterproductive.

I offer a weight release programme with hypnosis that will provide you with a refreshing new approach to dieting. The programme includes practices that will help you release extra weight in a long-lasting, sustainable way.

During our sessions we will review and correct your limiting beliefs, habits and behaviours that may have been blocking your ability to lose weight. Topics for discussion include:

  • The beliefs you have about your body

  • Your relationship with food, which includes cravings

  • Poor sleep hygiene and patterns

  • Your thoughts and practices around exercising

  • Relationships with family and friends

  • Stress triggers and anxiety levels

  • Joys to be realised by losing weight


We will also explore if your body may be holding on to extra weight at a metaphysical level. For example, some people hold weight as a protective layer or perhaps to make themselves appear unattractive to others.


In addition to my weight release programme, I am also a trained practitioner for the Virtual Gastric Banding weight loss programme.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a five-week programme and uses clinical hypnosis with the concept of a non-surgical virtual gastric band. The technique works by convincing your mind that your stomach is full after you’ve eaten a certain amount of food. This unique method has all the health benefits of conventional gastric banding procedures without the need for invasive surgery, discomfort and dieting!

Whichever programme you choose, I will take time to understand your journey and help you overcome your personal obstacles standing in the way of your success; Leaving you free to enjoy your personal benefits of losing weight which may include improved confidence, health and motivation, a more enjoyable love of life and an overall feeling of happiness and well-being. 

For more information about my Weight Release or Virtual Gastric Band Programmes, please book your free 20-minute discovery call today.

Quote – “To change your body you must first change your mind”

Weight Loss


Are you ready to turn down your heat and take back control?

The menopause means a lot of different things to women. For some, it signifies the end of childbearing and fertility years, for which they mourn.  For others, it denotes the passing of time and the crossing of the mid-life point.  For a few, it may even arise as a result of surgery or complications that have ushered in an early change.

But no matter what the menopause means to you, the chances are you will experience several of the debilitating symptoms it brings such as, hot flashes, weight gain, night sweats, mood swings, sleepless nights, anxiety and lack of libido, to name just a few!

Research in the U.S. and trials in the UK have proved that hypnotherapy helped up to 80% of women manage and control their symptoms. As a Menopause Relief Program Practitioner, I can help you to turn down your heat and take back control of your body and emotions.


How the Menopause Relief Programme can help you


The programme is focused on helping you conquer your menopause and reduce the intensity and frequency of your hot flushes. There is NO medication involved, only relaxation.

Following our initial in-depth consultation, I will design a programme that is tailored to your specific needs. Your programme will include:

  • A number of personalised hypnotherapy sessions

  • Relaxing recordings for you to listen to in the comfort of your own home

  • Tools and techniques you can easily call upon whenever the need arises

  • Support, guidelines and, if necessary, goals for you to achieve

So, if you are ready to rediscover yourself and live life to the fullest, book your free 20-minute discovery call now.

Testimonial – My menopausal hot flushes were intense, disruptive and left me exhausted. The Menopause Relief Programme has brought my flushes under control and I feel much more able to cope with my menopausal symptoms using the hypnotherapy tools and techniques.  I highly recommend the programme.

Tina – Swindon, UK


Mid-Life Transition

No matter where you are in your midlife journey, do you want to grow, evolve and enhance your life?

The approach of middle age conjures up feelings of anxiety for many people; so you’re not alone in your discomfort. You may start to reflect on your earlier years, perhaps fondly, sometimes with relief, maybe even with regret; possibly longing for what could have been.

Many believe the ‘best years’ of their lives are behind them and there is nothing to look forward to. It’s not uncommon to feel something is missing and that life is passing you by. Amongst other inhibiting feelings, you may experience the following frustrations and emotions:

  • Inability to make decisions, accept change or let go

  • Dissatisfaction with career and or a sense of purpose

  • Crumbling or failed relationships

  • Low self-esteem - you are unsure of who you are or where you are going

  • Unhappiness with your appearance, which may include your weight

  • Low energy levels, a lack of motivation coupled with sleepless nights

  • Anxiety and mood changes including anger, irritability, and sadness

  • Letting go of debilitating habits, fears and phobias

  • Changes in sexual desire

If you are experiencing anxiety, a midlife crisis or a significant midlife transition, hypnotherapy can help you move forward with focus, power and clarity.

How our Hypnotherapy Sessions will work:

During your initial consultation we will work together to acknowledge and understand your areas of focus and how they affect you. We will identify the changes you’d like to make, perhaps to your thoughts, behaviours and actions. Based on our dialogue I will design a hypnotherapy session (s) that is focussed on the positive changes you would like to make in your life.

Programmes may also include:

  • Relaxing self-hypnosis recordings for you to listen to in the comfort of your own home

  • Tips and tools for you to call upon whenever the need arises

  • Discussions around values and beliefs, past trauma or events that may be contributing to current feelings and thoughts

Hypnotherapy was instrumental in supporting my navigation through my mid-life transition. It also helped me to discover, accept and become my true self.

If you’d like me to ‘hold your hand’, metaphorically of course and help guide you through your journey of rediscovery, acceptance and fulfilment, book your free 20-minute discovery call now!


Quote “Don’t let the shadows of yesterday spoil your sunrise of tomorrow”

Mid life

Sexual Freedom 

Sexual freedom is...

“The ability to choose to have a consenting, confident, satisfying

sex life, in the absence of sexual dysfunction, guilt and shame.”

If you are reading this, I want you to know you are not alone, as up to 40% of women and 30% of men have some form of sexual dysfunction. It can happen at any time, any age, and to anyone and is perhaps more normal than you imagined. That’s because we tend to view sex, sexuality and sexual issues as unmentionable and embarrassing topics. To the extent that we avoid discussing with our partners, friends, family and even our doctor.


However, sexuality is the life force behind our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and happiness. It’s an integral part of being human, defines the means of biological reproduction, and is fundamental to healthy relationships and our well-being. Without it, quite naturally, we may experience feelings of frustration, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, loneliness and anger.  


The good news is that the Sexual Freedom Hypnosis programme is judgement free and can help with all kinds of sexual issues such as poor libido, painful sex, vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, arousal issues, lack of connection and many more.

The programme also provides a great opportunity to review and dispel many of the myths that feed our sexual anxiety, for example:


“Men are more sexual and have higher libidos than women’. This is not true: many men have low libidos, and many women have high ones.

“Women loose interest in sex as they get older”. Age and menopause can impact libidos, but it shouldn’t kill it off all together, it's usually more about not wanting the sex on offer because it’s just not satisfying.

Many men and women believe their sexual intercourse sessions are over too quickly. However, a study looking at 500 couples from five different countries found the average time to ejaculate during intercourse was around five-and-a- half minutes.

In their early years many women were taught to fear sex, think sex is wrong, and their sexual reason for being is to please men. How ridiculous, all these thoughts and many others are archaic and belong well and truly in the past.

“Women don’t want sex” YES, Yes, yes they do!

“Size matters”. The size of a man’s penis has nothing to do with how much pleasure he feels, and it has little effect on the amount of pleasure a partner experiences.


By working through the Sexual Freedom techniques and protocols, we will look to identify and release the cause of your symptoms, which amongst others may be as a result of one or more of the following:

  • Misinformation and misconceptions about sex, intimacy and connections, after all we don’t always feel comfortable talking about sex and our experiences.

  • Values and beliefs that may have been programmed during our early years, that unconsciously are having a detrimental effect on our sensuality, intimacy, and sexual enjoyment.

  • A strained intimate relationship with current or past partner, leading to a lack of confidence, sexual desire and reduced sexual satisfaction.

  • Feeling frozen or inhibited due to a past trauma, sexual experience, body image or the fear of “what if”?

  • A medical issue or change in hormone levels.

  • The constant feeling of being tired, tense or other thoughts and emotions, that are negatively impacting your libido.

Through hypnosis we will free guilt, shame, limiting thoughts and beliefs, calibrate boundaries, strengthen your confidence to accept yourself and be open to new experiences.  We will also embark on a wonderful journey of self-discovery that will connect your body with your most powerful erogenous zone, your magnificent mind.  


When our body and mind connect and dance to the same tune, we are able to stimulate all of our senses through thought alone. Simply by being in and staying in the moment, we can create, experience and share true joy and sexual pleasure.


Sexual Freedom

Trauma Release

Time to let it go.

The Trauma Release Protocol allows us to work through traumatic events and memories, or even to work through big emotions, without even knowing why or how they began


The Trauma Release Protocol works with our implicit memories. Because what happens is, in a moment of perceived trauma an imprint can be stored within the nervous system. Now this doesn't even have to be trauma with a capital "T". It can be as small an event as one of your siblings stealing your toy, or being at a sleepover and having the other girls ignore you.


But what happens is we can store these imprints within our nervous system, which then cause a nervous system response. These responses can then affect our day to day lives today, especially when it comes to feeling emotions. For example, anger or sadness that are completely out of proportion with the events themselves. When that happens we know that there are implicit memories which need to be cleared.


The great thing about this protocol is that we can do that work in a safe manner. And there's no need to go digging through the experiences themselves - in fact the hypnotherapist doesn't necessarily even need to know the details.


So it's a really fast, effective transformative way to allow yourself to let go of what's holding you back and move forward into the future with confidence and peace.

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